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Learning With Fun

We believe when combining a Personalized Learning plan based on the students’ strengths, needs, skills and interests; tailoring the customized curriculum to the Student’s Learning Styles; and taking into consideration the students social, emotional and physical needs; we provide our students the greatest chance for academic success!

While it is often called Tutoring, the type of support Learning With Fun provides our students is in line with “Coaching” the Students to learn information in their own way and strengthen brain muscles they already had. This method is called Academic Coaching and we believe provides a far better and longer lasting result than traditional Tutoring does.


At Learning With Fun we specialize in Personalized Learning for Students in grades K – 12.  We build customized curriculum for each student’s lesson based on their Learning Style and we uncover these learning styles and tailor our curriculum by following our BAINES Method.

Our BAINES Method pinpoints the Students Learning Styles as well as their social, emotional, and physical needs.  We evaluate their Behaviors, followed by analyzing five lifestyle attributes of each Student.  BAINES is a step-by-step method that pulls all the pieces together for effective Personalized Learning and allows the student the greatest chance for success to work through and overcome any learning challenge.


GIFTED LEARNING COACHING:  Our Gifted Learning Programs include supporting our Students who have Executive Functioning Deficits, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Autism, Asperger’s or who are Bright and Quirky (Bright Kids with Learning, Social, Emotional and Behavioral Challenges). These are live 1:1 Sessions held either In-Person or Online.     GRADES:  K – 12th


ACADEMIC COACHING:  This is a creative and holistic approach with our students where we focus on the process of learning. Together with the students we examine their learning styles, habits of working and current difficulties or barriers to success. These are live 1:1 Sessions held either In-Person or Online covering most subjects such as Literacy, Writing, Math, Sciences and Organizational Skills.

In all of our programs we use our Academic Success Formula. It is the way we maximize the opportunity to work through and overcome any learning challenge with our Students.        GRADES:  K – 12th



ADHD Autism Dyscalculia Dyslexia Orton-Gillingham
English Language Math Mentorship Reading Science Social Studies Writing
In-Person Sessions Online Sessions
From Homeschool Parent Caroline L “ I’m immensely grateful for the tailored home-school program LWF has created for my child. I’m a busy parent and when my child was struggling with social dynamics at school and returning home with a lot of anxiety, I knew there had to be another approach. I didn’t imagine I was the “homeschooling type”—designing and teaching a curriculum is more time than I have available. Learning With Fun is a professional and customized learning approach, which has made homeschooling possible for us. After the initial adjustment, my son became inspired in all his areas of study, a curriculum he was able to help design. He produces a breathless amount of work. It’s also been aspirational for him to work alongside a mixed-age group of kids, learning about new topics that also inspire him. Having a rigorous academic program seems to really motivate him. More important than the rigors of his new program is the smile on his face when he comes home every day. He sleeps better at night and he’s confident in himself. I’m grateful every day to see my child shine again—thank you! ” From Academic Support Parent: Allison G “ Both of my children have been going to Learning with Fun and it has been a transformative experience for both of them. Such an amazing, positive experience both with skills and self-confidence! ” From Homeschool Parent Andy Y “ When it comes to engaging young people of all ages and motivations, Jessica Ireland is “The Perfect Storm” of an educator. She combines creativity, kindness, patience, innovation, reality, encouragement, flexibility, and (when appropriate) firmness to help each young person she’s been entrusted with ultimately understand that each one of them possesses unlimited potential, and the ability to succeed in whatever endeavor(s) they choose to undertake, both inside and outside of a formal education setting. She would also never allow any of her students to construct a run-on sentence as long as the previous one. I’ve known Jessica for well over a year now, and it’s hard to estimate just how significant the relationship she’s forged with my now 16-year-old has been in my daughter’s development. Regardless of your child’s needs, I cannot recommend, “Learning With Fun!” highly enough. Jessica Ireland is a rare gem. ” From Academic Support Parent: Teri F “ We have been with Jessica and Learning With Fun for 4 years and she has been wonderful! She always provides a positive learning environment and is willing to try new games/techniques to keep our daughter Jane interested in learning. They have worked on math mostly but have worked in writing, reading, and spelling when Jane struggled in those areas. Jess is always willing to give advice to make schoolwork easier at home and has even attended parent teacher conferences. She communicates with Jane’s teachers when particular concepts are challenging or if additional teaching needs to be spent on a subject Jane is struggling in. The most rewarding part of having Jess as an Academic Coach is how she helps build confidence. Her encouragement and true belief in student success is unwavering. After many years of struggling in school Jane feels as though this year everything has come together and she is having the best year yet. Learning With Fun has made a huge difference in Jane’s education. ” From Academic Coach Parent Caren H “ Jessie truly understands what it takes to meet the unique learning style of her students. Over the past few years, both of our children have enjoyed working with Jessie. Our eighteen-year-old son received college essay support and our ten-year-old daughter works with Jessie on a weekly basis. When our daughter started with Jessie she was in public school and worked with Jessie after school. She had been a struggling reader and was complaining of being bored. Jessie and I worked together and came to the conclusion that she was both gifted and dyslexic. With much consideration my husband and I decided that our daughters needs would be better-met homeschooling and we knew that having Jessie as our daughter’s academic Teacher would best support our decision. Jessie immediately identified our daughter as a visual learner and in just nine short months of working one-on-one with Jessie our daughter went from reading well below grade level to reading above grade level. While in school our daughter was expressing the desire for more challenging math work, something school would not accommodate. Jessie administered a math assessment and as suspected our daughter was a year ahead in math. Because of the support Jessie has provided our daughters confidence has returned and she is now excited to tackle her schoolwork. We are well over the one-year mark of homeschooling and Jessie has been an integral part of our success. Jessie provides lessons that are engaging, academically appropriate and fun. My daughter finishes her sessions with Jessie with a smile on her face and is always excited to tell me all about the work that they accomplished together. She just said to me the other day “You know Mom, Jessie really does make learning FUN! ” From a Homeschool Parent John W “ Learning With Fun was a lifesaver for us. If you are looking for an alternative solution for your child via the homeschool approach, Learning With Fun may be your answer. Let the student be part of their educational decisions and their enthusiasm will soar. Jessica Ireland’s educational background is a key component to our daughter’s success. Our Child is smiling again! ” From a Homeschool Parent " I think about the teachers who made a difference in my life. I had an Algebra teacher I liked so much that I performed well. I had a college English teacher that made writing fun. I learned a lot from him. I had a Nursing Instructor that excelled at making her class interesting. The right teacher can make you or break you. Connecting with your teacher can have a huge impact on your performance. If you are bored, stressed or nervous, you will not learn the way you should. Sure, you can get by but I think learning should have an impact on your life. If you enjoy your learning, you will have a higher success rate in life. If you add bullying to the mix, illness, an over tasked teacher or learning disabilities, you are doomed to fail. Learning With Fun can solve these issues. There is no bullying, there is individual education plans and a teacher that excites you!!! "

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