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Mentor M.E.

Mentor M.E. (Motivated Excellence) virtual tutoring and mentoring services.

We show pride in our team of master tutors, that are experts in their subject and content and who provide results!

Our program offers tailored academic lessons for every student,  character education, socio-emotional support, as well as special education support services for any student in need.

Mission: our mission is to give students from Kindergarten up to 12th grade strategic, research based and purpose driven personalized tutoring supplemented with social-emotional mentoring to motivate them to be self-sufficient learners inside the school setting.

Vision: our vision is to have students be exposed to the top math, ela, and social emotional curriculum while enhancing each of our students’  “motivational excellence” to enhance their ability to be willing, aspiring, and driven learners.

Our Approach: our “Motivational Excellence” pathways prepare scholars’ for success by personalizing the program through their academic growth patterns, on-going connection to our scholar’s schools, and constant communication with families through academic growth up-dates.

ADHD Autism Dyslexia Gifted and Talented Students
English Language Math Mentorship Reading Science Social Studies Writing
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