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WZY Language: Online Language Tutoring Platform

Wyz language is100% an online platform that connects language tutors with students. Wyzlanguage, LLC aims to be a virtual space hiring the best tutors of the most used modern languages in the world. These tutors will have the opportunity to speak about their professional career in a video in order to highlight the educational quality that the students will receive. Our prices are the most competitive and affordable in the language tutoring industry. The price per hour is $ 38 if you buy any number of hours under 10 hours. However, we would like you to save money by purchasing one of the following packages: click on Pricing In each language, we have a variety of tutors in terms of expertise, accent, and personality. They all tutor adults Students. The clients do their research properly and then schedule a free 30-minute session with the tutor of their choice before you buy one of our packages.

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