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Two River Tutoring

Success on the SAT can make a difference in college acceptance, college finance, and student self-esteem. Yet, SAT results do not correlate to grade point average, student IQ, or success in college. It is a single metric that does not assess a lifetime of learning or provide a snapshot of diligence. In order to address the high stakes, we focus on test-taking strategies unique to the SAT. We teach a streamlined approach to bring about significant score increases. Most of our students’ scores not only meet established goals but also often exceed students’ and parents’ expectations.

Take control of the SAT rather than let it control your life!

Our diligent, caring approach extends to our foundational and enrichment tutoring. Whether we are helping with summer reading assignments, expanding ideas through creative writing, or providing a means to address mathphobia, we enjoy helping children to apply their learning strengths in order to attain better academic results.

Gifted and Talented Students Twice-Exceptional Students
English Language Math Reading Science Social Studies Writing
In-Person Sessions Online Sessions
“Miles is really happy with his essays and feels like he’s almost done with the hard part of the applications. Can’t thank you enough for the help — it’s been worth every penny so far!” “All I can say is thank you for helping Alex put together such an awesome essay! I will most certainly be coming to Two River Tutoring when my daughter Sophia starts the application process and test prep for sure!” “We were very impressed with the tutoring by Ann. Our daughter’s improved preformance between her practice SAT and the actual SAT was significant and contributed greatly to her acceptance at one of her top Universities. Ann is very easy to work with and is very accessible. We highly recommend her.” “The study sessions that my daughter attended at Two River Tutoring boosted her scores to a whole new level in turn opening up exciting options in her college search. Most importantly was the obvious increase in confidence that she gained from the individualized attention. It is amazing to see her carrying this confidence to other testing situations.” “Simply the best! I was so fortunate to have Ann tutor both of my children for the SAT's. She was dedicated and really cared about their progress. The sessions were individualized and she was always encouraging. Her approach to taking the test made sense and got results. Under Ann's guidance, both of my boys achieved their targeted scores. She has a wonderful way with teenagers!” “Two River Tutoring was exactly what my daughter needed. Her goal was to raise her SAT score by 100 points. The tutors worked with her to increase her confidence and she not only met her goal, but exceeded it by 30 points! She was thrilled with her results!” “Ann has street smarts and academic intellect. Her warm persona is enriched by her dedication, reliability, insight, and knowledge. I would trust my own child’s SAT preparation and college planning with her and her team anytime. Further, I would love her to be my child’s classroom teacher at any grade level.”

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